Heal While You Bathe!

Soak away aches and anxieties with CBD hydrotherapy baths. CBD soothes, calms and relives your strains. Choose from one of the following scents.

Kaleidoscope: A delightful blend of citrus oils to invigorate the mind and body.
Snowflake: Spearmint reduce stress and balance the digestive system
Cinnamon: Relieves muscle strains and aids in colds and congestion relief.

  • Sound Healing

    Sound Healing with CBD Wrap

    A dry brush exfoliation prepares the body for a warm cocoon of CBD extracted creams with aromatherapy to soothe achy muscles and dry skin. The mind moves into a flow with your choice of Binaural Beats with headsets to accommodate specific needs. Drift the body, mind and emotions into a state of nirvana.

    30 min $ 80 / 50 min $135

    Please call (707) 942-1500 to book. 


  • Massage

    CBD Massage

    Creams and lotions high in the anti-inflammatory compounds found it cannabis are extracted and contains no THC. A massage with these oils soothe tired and sore muscles and mellows the mind. The 80 min treatment includes a collagen facial mask.

    50 min $130 / 80 min $199

    Please call (707) 942-1500 to book.