Spa Menu: Baths

Spa therapies have existed for centuries. Archaeological investigations near hot springs in France and the Czech Republic revealed Bronze Age artifacts and offerings. In Great Britain, ancient legend credited early Celtic kings with the discovery of the hot springs in Bath, England. Calistoga, one of California’s earliest spa resorts, has been a popular destination for mud baths and cleanses since the Spanish arrived in the 17th century and called the area “Agua Caliente.” Today, the Mount View Spa offers our guests a variety of relaxing baths.

  • Heal While You Bathe!

    Soak away aches and anxieties with CBD hydrotherapy baths. CBD soothes, calms and relives your strains. Choose from one of the following scents.

    Kaleidoscope: A delightful blend of citrus oils to invigorate the mind and body. 
    Snowflake: Spearmint reduce stress and balance the digestive system 
    Cinnamon: Relieves muscle strains and aids in colds and congestion relief.


  • Flowing Mud

    Mineral Mud Bath

    Our muds are not the traditional, thick-type muds used at other spas in the area. Our Moor mud is very rich in minerals and vitamins and has the same internal heating effect as thicker muds. We drain and fill after each bath, so guests experience fresh mud every time. 

    Our Hydrotherapy Mud Baths selection includes:

    Mud Mojito: Refresh and renew with lime and mint oil

    Lavender Mudtini: Relax and detox with lavender oil

    Mud Straight Up: Pure with zero aroma

    Singles – 25 minutes $70 / 45 minutes $90 

    Couples – 25 minutes $90 / 45 minutes $110. 

     Please call (707) 942-1500 to book. 

  • Sea Salt Bath

    Wellness Mineral Baths

    Integrating the healing power of hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and hers, TARA* Bath Therapy remedies combine therapeutic levels of certified organic and wildcrafted herbal extracts. 100% pure essential oils, sea minerals and electrolytes for the relief of a variety of common ailments.

    • Muscle Melt: Rosemary, eucalyptus, and birch
    • Restored:  Lavender, chamomile, bergamot
    • Detox: Juniper, grapefruit, cypress, orange

    Singles – 25 minutes $70 / 45 minutes $90 

    Couples – 25 minutes $90 / 45 minutes $110

    Please call (707) 942-1500 to book.